Who we are

Creating a free, fair, smart, and secure Armenia nurturing its natural and human capital, with equal opportunities for all – women, men, rural and urban youth and other social groups, a booming IT sector and active public service – this is a quintessential SDG challenge. It requires sustainability of investment, input from across various government ministries, private sector participation, youth talent and leadership, the sourcing of the best available expertise, and the 21st century disaggregated metrics to monitor success. As a National SDG Innovation Lab, we’re in the front seat driving SDG implementation in Armenia and are seeing this challenge up close. We are a team of enthusiasts, who work to find meaningful ways to maximise SDG achievement in Armenia.

What we do

We work to find meaningful ways to maximise SDG achievement in Armenia, and for that purpose, we engage various stakeholders and utilize a range of novel methodologies, which entail unique tools for problem – solving. We use Behavioral Science, Data Analytics, measure Impact investment efficiency and conduct Capacity Building workshops. We aim to find new approaches, new methodologies and possibly new types of institutions to provide ‘out of the box’ solutions to unlock Armenia’s development potential and accelerate the implementation of the Agenda 2030.
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