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Data analytics

A wealth of new information is at our disposal: online searches, digital transactions, mobile phone and social media usage, utility consumption, satellite imagery, citizen-generated data and more. Such data, is also called Big Data.

Big Data is being actively used by the Governments of various countries for evidence-based policy-making: they detect/predict tax evasion, analyze economic activities, employment statistics and inflation.

The project will test the application of Big data and Machine learning in various governmental institutions to improve governance and create strong institutions, contributing to the SDGs. Data analytics and visualization will draw the attention of decision-makers, help create evidence-based policy and build more accurate and up-to-date insights.

To do this, the project will develop an SDG Barometer: a user-friendly data visualization platform that is designed and will be piloted to help monitor the [nationalized] SDGs’ real-time progress, inform policy and decision-making, and measure the impact of policy interventions in the long run.

Other projects include, but are not limited to designing public services through social media analysis, using GIS and satellite imagery to track land degradation or crowdsourcing citizen-generated extreme weather data.