Hrant Davtyan explains big data

Introduction to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Did you know that 90% of the world’s data was generated over the last two years?

Although some news headlines argue that we live in a future where Terminator-like artificial intelligence scenarios are a reality, the truth is the robots are not going to take over the humanity any time soon. On the other hand, rapidly developing artificial intelligence and its less marketable subset machine learning have opened up a wealth of opportunities for social good.

To understand how exactly can Big Data and AI be used in the policy-making, UNDP Armenia and Armenia National SDG Innovation Lab have organized an introductory workshop “Introduction to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Policymaking and Development” for the different UN agencies, representatives of Statistical Committee of the Republic of Armenia and people who work with SDG data. The intro session to the world of the Big Data, artificial intelligence and algorithms was delivered by Hrant Davtyan, UNDP and SDG Lab Consultant, AUA Adjunct Lecturer.

Main takeaways:

  • Big Data has been trendy for six years, and it is partly due to platform economy
  • Data is classified as Big if it meets the criteria of the 3Vs (volume, variety, and velocity)
  • Machine learning might not be the ultimate solution to the world’s biggest problems, but it can help to measure business activity, estimate urbanization, detect tax fraud, and analyze public spending. Its applications are numerous, you name it.

Tools you can test at home: to extract meaning from your text to understand content of the image to check sentiment analysis.