SIPA Columbia team at SDG Lab

25 Mar 2018

Columbia SIPA students visited Armenia National SDG Innovation Lab

Five students, six days and 45 meetings to scan SDG innovation efforts in Armenia.

Alique Berberian, Greta Polo, Gemma Torras Vives, Luis Godoy, and Mariela Cheb Terrab are a team of students from Columbia University –one of many groups that traveled overseas to pursue capstone-related work. Their capstone report will assist the government of Armenia in scaling up the impact of Armenia SDG Innovation lab pilot and to realize its SDG commitments which are closely tied to Armenia National Development Strategy 2030. This report will outline the strategy for sustainable agriculture in Armenia, particularly in regards to our Data Analytics service line as well as the strategy for sustainable forest management and prevention of illegal logging in Armenia, particularly in regards to our Behavioral Experimentation service line.
During their visit, the students had 45 meetings with Government representatives, international organizations, NGOs, and local IT companies to discuss and gain insights into the current situation of agriculture and forestry. They also had a field trip to Tavush Marz, to see what work has already been done in the sector. Their work is profound as the situation impacts climate change, which affects especially poor communities.

Following the field trip to Armenia, the team will be looking for the most effective ways in which global best practices, Armenia’s data ecosystem, institutional capacities and behavioral experimentation tools can address agricultural and forest management challenges. The final, comprehensive report will be ready in early May.